The Farnsley-Kaufman House sits on the
campus of the Farnsley Middle School at 4816
Cane Run Road, near the intersection of Cane Run
Road and Lees Lane. In 1812, David Farnsley
built the log cabin portion of the house in
anticipation of his marriage to
Sarah Meriwether.

Our Vision

The Friends of the Farnsley Kaufman House aspires to enhance education, ignite the imagination, instill pride, and preserve heritage.

Our Mission

The Friends of the Farnsley Kaufman House tells the story of a House, its times and its people.

Our History

In 1832, the Farnsleys added the brick addition that is seen to the right of the original cabin. The Farnsley-Kaufman House as it exists today, in the 21st century, appears much as it did almost 190 years ago.

Farnsley-Kaufman Home Louisville Kentucky

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Your Time

Every house has a story, and we need your help telling ours. We invite you to consider donating your time and resources to help us restore the house, engage students in our educational programs and activities, and create a community space for everyone to enjoy.

The Farnsley-Kaufman house is open for tours by appointment only.

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People Come Together

Educational Programs

It is the goal of the Friends of the Farnsley-Kaufman House to host educational programs, events, and activities including archaeological digs for youth and adults.

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Public Events

The Friends plan to explore the possibility of establishing a Farmer’s Market, community garden, food pantry, and host a variety of public events. We welcome your ideas!